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Market Data Works

Market Data Works™ makes developing and working with real-time market data dramatically easier and more efficient. It's goal is to "make market data simple", thereby resulting in enormous savings across the spectrum of market data activities.

Core uses for the product include:

  • Advanced testing of market data consuming applications
  • Elegant and simple capture of market data to a relational database or spreadsheet
  • Monitor and audit latency from the exchange and across RMDS
  • Auditing market data streams and analyzing market data issues
  • Editing market data to create scenarios to be replayed
  • Off-shore or remote development without need for a market data platform
  • Capacity planning exercises
  • In the electronic trading era, it's critical to have tools that allow you to work efficiently with market data. In the past, simple utilities were sufficient to test and administer market data consuming applications and distribution infrastructure. No more. In today's world, the ability to rapidly evolve your trading, pricing, risk and other market data consuming software systems is central to profitability. Market Data Works was built to service this need.

    Market Data Works comprises three tools, each servicing a separate constituency within the market data world.

  • Market Data Studio™ - Allows developers and QA groups to create precise, repeatable market data scenarios for playback and testing
  • Market Data Metrics™ - Allows administrators to stress test their market data hubs, monitor latency across the hub and analyze data problems by exposing data rate and content issues
  • Market Data Warehouse™ - Provides an extremely simple, but highly scalable, flexible and robust means for capturing market data in a relational database
  • Market Data Works is priced in a manner that makes it attractive to provide the tool as broadly as possible within an organization. In so doing, Market Data Works can realize remarkable savings within the enterprise.

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    For a product demonstration or further information, please contact Sales at (646) 442-2800 or via email at

    317 Madison Avenue
    7th Floor
    New York, NY 10017
    Telephone: 646-442-2800

    Market Data Works is the first comprehensive suite of market data tools for the electronic trading era.

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