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CodeStreet Revamps ReplayService

Inside Market Data | July 15, 2013

New York-based data technology provider Codestreet is pushing new versions and updates to its ReplayService data capture and replay tool, to encompass a broader range of data messaging protocols and support clients migrating from Thomson Reuters' legacy IDN data network to its Elektron network by allowing users to replay and compare data in both formats.

The vendor released version 5.0 of its ReplayService for JMS (Java Message Service) middleware platforms within the last two weeks, which it has reengineered over the past 18 months to cover a broader range of JMS platforms, including IBM's MQ series messaging, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and open-source protocols including Apache's ActiveMQ. Previously, the service was effectively geared towards TIBCO Software's JMS service, says Howard Pein, chief executive of Codestreet.

Pein says client demand prompted the vendor to introduce support for more protocols, which should appeal to companies that may use different protocols to their clients, or which use different protocols internally in different parts of their business-such as using TIBCO in their front office and IBM in their back office-especially in the case of firms that have acquired other companies that use different messaging protocols.

"Initially, we thought demand would just be for IBM MQ, but ... almost immediately, we started seeing interest in all non-TIBCO-based protocols ... so we found a way to engineer it to cover all protocols," Pein says, adding that the service can eliminate the need for firms to build and maintain translation tools. "The same deployment, and even same instance, can be used throughout an organization to capture data in one protocol and replay it in another, so users can subscribe to the same message stream in different protocols."

In fact, since non-TIBCO protocols are broadly used beyond financial services, Pein says the move opens up ReplayService to users in other industries, which Codestreet could serve via partnership deals with other providers serving those sectors, without diluting its core focus on financial market data.

In addition, Pein says Thomson Reuters has given Codestreet's ReplayService for TREP (Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform) - an updated version of its ReplayService for RMDS (the legacy Reuters Market Data Platform) - the nod as its preferred tool for users to compare data over Elektron to data over their existing IDN feeds. Clients can use ReplayService to record and compare feeds from each, then set up rules and acceptable margins of difference in their data-consuming applications around how to treat any differences between the feeds.

"Customers have so many applications. Imagine having to test all of them. They want to know nothing will go wrong." Pein says, adding that firms can use ReplayService to automate comparisons over a period of months and produce exception reports.

-Max Bowie

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